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Men - Mon 8:15 pm (CYO)

This is a choose your own league - Contact Shawn at 905-781-4424

Playoffs are March 27 & April 3:

4 teams will be ranked in each of an A, B & C division format. Teams will be ranked with A points weighted (x 2.5) higher than B points (no escalator). 1 will play 4 and 2 vs. 3 in each 'division' on March 27 with winners/losers playing each other April 3. NOTE: There will be no buzzer for the playoffs but please start your games on time (8:15) and play ready curling.

After 4 games of the last draw the A teams are set although the 3rd & 4th seeds are still TBD based on March 20 games of Dixon & Craig. The winner of Thorvardson vs. Thomas on March 20 will get the 4th seed in the B divison. The loser of that game will be seeded 1st on the C side with the other three C seeds to be determined based on their game results from March 20. 

A Teams: 1. Smith (162.5) 2. Russell (130) 3. Dixon (115)/Craig (122.5) 4. Craig/Dixon

B Teams: 1. Gates (95) 2. Keba (74) 3. Sikkema (61) 4. Thomas (46)/Thorvardson (47)

C Teams: 1. Thorvardson/Thomas 2. TBD 3. TBD 4. TBD

C TBD seeds: McClelland (40), Orpwood (40) & Parrott (39.5)  

Contact Shawn at 905-781-4424


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