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Business Women - Wed 5:15 pm (single)

**UPDATE March 24th***

Congrats to Team Myler on winning the second schedule! Members are Joanne Myler(skip), Cathy Kovacs(vice), Margaret Sabucco(second) and Allison Bailey(lead). This team will play the winner of Schedule 1 which are Joanne Myler(skip), Marsha Hendrickson(vice), Hilary Sutherland(second) and Rosalyn Gluck(lead). Because Joanne is playing with the Schedule 1 team, Lois Demerse will skip the schedule 2 team (Lois was the second place skip for schedule 2).

Below are the listed teams for our final day on March 29th, along with the sheet # they are playing on. Please note, the () indicates spares and the names I know.

Sheet 1

Nancy Borsato, Anne Marie Ruddell(Spare*), Lorrie Quackenbush, Heather VanWeelie

Janet Rawding, Kathy Ewles, Marisa Mitchelmore, Claire Picard Armstrong(Spare*)

Sheet 2

Rachel McKee(Terry B), Jennifer McLean, Joyce Sunderland, Nancy Harley

Janet Erwin, Cheyl Wright, Susan Batten, Brenda Zealand

Sheet 3 ** Feature Matchup**

Joanne Myler, Marsha Hendrickson, Hilary Sutherland, Rosalyn Gluck(Valerie Jarchow)

Joanne Myler(Lois Demerse), Cathy Kovacs, Margaret Sabucco, Allison Bailey

Sheet 4

Pauline Rundle, Melissa Aucoin, Carol McClelland, Michelle McKenzie

Ann Moulton, Mary Anne Tune(France G), Janet Beedham, Shirley Steele

Sheet 5

Wendy Bennett Costante, Dawn Jones, Maggie Clarke, Sandy Wonnell

Barbars Wicks, Faye Grooms, Laurie Clarke(Joanne C), Valerie Jarchow(Nancy M) 

Nancy Borsato
Anne Marie Ruddell(Spare*)
Lorrie Quackenbush
Heather Van Weelie

See you all on the 29th!!

Your convenors,

Anne Marie & Melissa

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