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Our league is sponsored by Prouse Dash & Crouch, LLP, Barristers and Solicitors. - or contact toll free at 1.877.217.4732.

We are the Monday Business Women convenors at BCC.  We want to let you know that we’re very excited to welcome returning and new players to the revised format for our league, which is now Choose Your Own (CYO).  Registration has been underway for several weeks now, and we are very happy to announce that we have a full league of 12 highly competitive teams signed up for the season.  Perhaps we are a bit surprised, but pleased and excited to see so much interest in this new league.  

Our playing format for the year will follow that of many of the CYO leagues at the club.  The first few weeks of the season will be round robin play. The results of this preliminary series will permit creation of two separate flights. Following this, the season will be divided into a number of short series and over time, teams will move in and out of the two flights based on wins and losses at the end of each series.  Prizes will be awarded to winning teams in each flight.  

Now for the fun stuff.  Well, there will be some, but we’ll keep what and when a secret for now, but we anticipate having some fun evenings as well as all competitive play.  We’ll bring back a couple of social nights, perhaps a festive dress game, and who knows what else.   

What about food?   We anticipate that we’ll have some returning members and some new members this year.   Closer to the start date, we’ll communicate with you about what you would like to eat after the games.  Based on your feedback, we’ll work on creating the most appropriate food choices. 

Important dates to remember:

September 27 6:00pm General Meeting and Barbecue

October 4th 6:00pm Ladies Pot Luck

October 16th Curling Season Begins


Victoria and Marsha

Convenors of the new Ladies CYO League

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