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About our Club

The Brampton Curling Club would like to offer you the opportunity to connect with thousands of people at a reasonable cost, far below competing avenues of advertising! Support the local curling community while gaining exposure for your business.

As a 6-sheet club, we currently have more than 450 members who participate in weekly leagues throughout the curling season from Oct-Apr each year. We also host a variety of bonspiels and special events almost every weekend through the season, and the City of Brampton rents out the curling ice to numerous schools, businesses and private groups throughout the year. This means more than 800 people, of all ages, will see your ad each week!

We offer three types of sponsorships - Club Sponsorships, League Sponsorships, and Event Sponsorships. We also have some additional information on our sponsorship deadlines, artwork requirements and pricing at the bottom of this page. For more information, please contact us at

Club Sponsorship

Sponsoring the club maximize visibility for sponsors as their advertising is posted for everyone to see on our website and/or in our club. Sponsors can request that their funds are directed towards a particular area of the club such as youth curling, but this cannot always be guaranteed, depending on availability. Most clients prefer multi-year commitments for sponsorships which involve wall signs or in-ice signs due to the time and effort required to produce these signs - subsequent years in a multi-year commitment are significantly discounted as a result of this.

A number of different options are available:

Large Billboard Ad (48" x 96")

  • Maximum exposure for your business
  • 48" x 96" sign located along the end wall of the playing surface
  • Free website ad
cost $1600/yr OR 3 years for $1600/yr1 + $800/yr2-3

Medium Billboard Ad (32" x 48")

  • 32" x 48" sign located along the side wall of the playing surface
  • Free website ad included!
cost $760/yr OR 3 years for $760/yr1 + $500/yr2-3

In-Ice Full House Ad (12' diameter)

  • Your name and logo in ice covering the whole house (rings) close to the viewing gallery
  • Free website ad included!
cost $1300/yr OR 3 years for $1300/yr1 + $950/yr2-3

In-Ice Hogline Ribbon Ad

  • Your name & logo in ice on the hogline at both ends of one sheet
  • Free website ad included!
cost $800/yr OR 3 years for $800/yr1 + $500/yr2-3

In-Ice Hogline Ad (24" x 48")

  • 24" x 48" image with your name & logo in ice at the hog line close to the viewing gallery
  • Free website ad included!
cost $700/yr OR 3 years for $700/yr1 + $450/yr2-3

In-Ice Button Ad

  • Your name & logo in the centre of the rings on two different sheets of ice
  • Free website ad included!
cost $350/yr OR 3 years for $350/yr1 + $200/yr2-3

Website Ad

  • Your logo included in the scrolling banner on the bottom of our website
  • Optionally linked to your website or a page with your contact information
cost $10/yr

League Sponsorship

Sponsors can choose to sponsor a specific league, in which case all proceeds from the sponsorship will be made available to the convenor of that league to use to provide extra perks for that league such as prizes, catered meals, or special events. Our leagues run at various times to fit everyone’s schedule and each league plays 22 games each year.

A league may have more than one sponsor, but the maximum sponsorship for a league is $500/yr per draw time. For example, a league with 1 draw a week can receive a maximum of $500/yr of sponsorship, but a league with 2 draw times could receive up to $1000. There are 3 league sponsorship levels available:

 Bronze Level

  • Website Ad
  • Tent cards/brochure on bar tables after each game
cost $100/yr

 Silver Level

  • Everything in Bronze Level, plus..
  • Attend final event to present prizes & pictures
cost $250/yr OR 3 years for $250/yr1 + $200/yr2-3

 Gold Level

  • Everything in Silver Level, plus..
  • Small billboard OR In-Ice Hog
  • Guaranteed to be the exclusive sponsor
    (For 1 draw in a multi-draw league)
  • Option to reserve 1 team entry per draw sponsored
cost $500/yr OR 3 years for $500/yr1 + $450/yr2-3

League Sponsors (2018-2019 Season)

League Draws Sponsorship Opportunity
Sun: Little Rocks (11:15am) 1
Sun: Bantam & Junior (12:30pm) 1
Sun: Open Social (3:15pm) 1
Sun: Open Social (5:30pm) 1
Mon: Ladies (6:00pm) 1
Mon: Mens (8:15pm) 1
Tue: Day Open (9:15am) 1
Tue: Mens (6:30pm & 8:40pm) 2
Wed: Ladies (5:15pm) 1
Wed: Open (7:30pm) 1
Thu: Day Ladies (1:00pm) 1
Thu: Mens (4:45pm) 1
Thu: Club Men (6:55pm & 8:35pm) 2
Thu: Club Women (6:55pm) 1
Thu: Open Doubles (9:10pm) 1
Fri: Mixed (6:45pm & 9:00pm) 2
Sat: Open Doubles (5:00pm) 1

Event Sponsorship

We host a variety of special events almost every week throughout the curling season (Oct-Apr). These include fun, competitive, and charity bonspiels (tournaments), open houses, clinics, youth and adult beer & pizza nights, and sanctioned competitive events run by CurlON, TCA and OJCT. Many of these events rely on the support of sponsors to make them possible.

Due to the wide range of events and different types of sponsorship opportunities, sponsorship for events is managed by the teams hosting the event rather than trying to collect all this information and manage it at a club level. If you are interested in sponsoring an event, please get in touch with us and we'll put you in contact with the team running the event.

Additional Information


September 1st

Typically, the installation of in-ice logos and wall signs can only be accomplished when the ice is being made at the beginning of the curling season, generally in early September. In addition, the space where the large billboard signs are mounted require access to the ice surface and can potentially damage the ice, so these are only put up prior to the start of the season.

To ensure that we are able to properly accommodate the production and installation of advertising material, all details must be finalized and payment received by September 1st. We will still work with sponsors after this date if necessary, but we may be unable to properly display their advertising for the entire season.


To ensure all advertising is readable and looks professional and consistent, we will take care of having any signs or logos printed. All artwork and text should abide by appropriate work place standards, and must be submitted to Brampton Curling Club for approval. Artwork will be provided by advertiser, and setup will be completed by Vivid Signs or JetIce.

For in-ice logos and billboards, we need the highest resolution images possible as these are blown up quite large. If available, we prefer vector image formats over formats such as jpeg.

Website ads are 150x100 pixels in jpeg, png or gif format and may optionally include animations.


HST is payable on artwork charges only.

Cost sharing of advertisements can be split between businesses/locations. If you have an idea for something that doesn’t fit our fee structure, we’ll come up with something that works for all parties

Prices will be adjusted to cover any increase in artwork and setup costs of advertising products. Please contact us to discuss pricing options.

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