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2018-2019 Board of Directors

Upcoming Board Meetings

Aug 22, 2018 7:00pm (If you have anything for the board please send before Aug 17, 2018)


Past President:
1st Vice President:
2nd Vice President: Joanne Myler
Club Secretary:


Geoff Hart
Sarah Chan
Kathy Ewles
Susan Batten
Jamie Rollings
Greg Reid

Club Representatives

Club Finance:
CurlON (OCA) Rep:
TCA Rep:
Club Administrator:
Ice Technician: Roy Arndt

Board Committees

Advertising and Sponsorship: Vacant
Bonspiel: Ron Fay, (Brett Paveling), (Ken Griffith)
Communications: Sarah Chan, Kathy Ewles, Jamie Rollings, Greg Reid
Games: Joanne Myler, Susan Batten, Kathy Ewles, (David Sikkema)
Facility: Karen Straatsma, Joanne Myler, Jamie Rollings
Finance: Cara Howell, Barry Thorvardson
Member Attraction and Retention: Ron Fay, Joanne Myler
Memorabilia: Ron Fay
Planning: Barry Thorvardson, Geoff Hart
Player Development: Karen Straatsma, (Ian Jones)
Registration: Geoff Hart, Karen Straatsma
Social: Sarah Chan, Jamie Rollings
Volunteer Coordination: Cara Howell, Greg Reid, (Debbie Gates)
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