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Our Leagues

Types of Leagues

Our leagues a divided into 4 main types:

CYO League

Choose Your Own (CYO)

In a Choose Your Own league, you select your own team and the positions everyone plays, and they remain the same for the entire season. You may also sign up as an individual or partial team, and the league convenor will help you find the remainder of your team.

  1. Mon - Business Men (8:15pm)
  2. Tue - Day Open (9:15am)
  3. Tue - Men (6:30pm & 8:40pm)
  4. Wed - Open (7:15pm & 9:15pm)
  5. Thu - Men (4:45pm)
  6. Fri - Mixed (7:00pm & 9:15pm)
  7. Sun - Open Social (3:15pm)
  8. Sun - Open Social (5:30pm)
Club League


In club curling, you sign up as an individual and will be assigned a position and a team by the league convenor. The exact rules vary by league, but your position will generally be based on your experience and the teams are generally selected by the skips using a lottery system and switched up a few times each season.

  1. Mon - Business Women (6:00pm)
  2. Wed - Business Women (5:15pm)
  3. Thu - Day Women (1:00pm)
  4. Thu - Club Men (6:55pm & 9:05pm)
  5. Thu - Club Women (6:55pm)
Youth League


We run two youth leagues for children between the ages of 7-12 and 12-19. Qualified instructors will teach a short lesson each week for skills development, followed by a game where the children can practice their skills. Children up to 12 years of age play with special 'light' rocks, which are approximately half the weight of normal stones. Please note that these ages are approximate and we will move curlers to whichever program makes is the most fun and rewarding for them.

  1. Sun - Little Rocks (11:15am)
  2. Sun - Bantam/Juniors (12:30pm)


Adult Leagues

To play in an adult league, you must pay the base membership fee of $250/season and $130 per league. You may also choose to pay only the base membership fee and be a spare-only member who can spare in any adult league for the entire season.

Youth may also play in adult leagues, and there is no specific age limit for this, but it is subject to approval to the league convenor on case-by-case basis. Youth pay their youth base membership fee of $75 or $90 and then the league fee of $130/adult league.

Youth Leagues

The little rocks program costs $75/season and the Bantam/Junior program costs $90/season. These programs quality for the federal children's fitness tax credit.

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