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#1 Full name, phone number(s), and email address will be listed in the membership directory on the BCC website - the directory is only accessible to active members with their password.

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#3 Full name and postal code information, together with demographic and member status will be provided to the OCA.

#4 Full name, phone number(s), email address and emergency contact information will be shared with the City of Brampton to be used for club-related purposes and/or in case of emergency.

#5 Full name and images of members may be used in all forms of media, including those which are publicly available. Phone numbers and email addresses may also be published for people serving as event conveners or contacts.

Except as listed above, no individual member's information will be shared outside the BCC, nor for any non club-related activities.

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In consideration of acceptance of this registration by Brampton Curling Club (“the club”), I HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE the club and each of its members, officers and employees FROM ANY AND ALL claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions and cause of action, whether in law or equity in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to myself or property, arising or to arise by reason of my participation in the Brampton Curling Club, that has not been contributed to or occasioned by any negligent act, by omission or commission, of any of the aforesaid.

Prior to being allowed to play in any league, new adult curlers must show they have any one of:
               1) Previous experience playing in a league at any curling club and can play safely
               2) Have attended any 4-week Instructional League at the Brampton Curling Club

               3) Attend a free 90-minute New Curler Orientation
                       * Free sessions will be arranged with new curlers prior to start of the season

Registration Selection: **

STEP 1: Select the membership type first by checking the appropriate round checkbox.

STEP 2: If registering for a membership type that also has league selections please check all the square checkboxes for the leagues in which you wish to play.

STEP 3: Please enter all team member names (first and last name) for Choose Your Own leagues; each team member must submit their own registration. We do accept individual and partial teams for Choose Your Own leagues with the convenor creating a team for you. Not on a full team? Write “assign” in the empty positions.

No CYO team is guaranteed their spot unless:

  1. At least 3 team members from last year are on the returning team
  2. 4 team members have registered and fully paid by August 29, 2018 

For a partial year membership you must contact the Club Administrator (Jacquie Hoffer) for the calculation of your partial year rate. All membership fees and services are taxable.

League Curling

Curling member

Sun Little Rock - 11:15am-12:15pm (Single entry, $80)

Sun Bantam & Junior - 12:30pm-2:00pm (Single entry, $95)

Sunday Open - 3:15pm (CYO) ** League is full **
Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Sunday Open - 5:30pm (CYO) ** League is almost full ** 
Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Monday Ladies - 6:00pm (CYO, 4/48 spots left)
Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Monday Mens - 8:15pm (CYO) ** League is Full **
Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Tuesday Day Open - 9:15am (CYO, 2/48 spots left)
Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Tuesday Mens 6:30pm & 8:40pm (CYO) ** League is Full **
Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Wednesday Ladies - 5:15pm (Single entry) ** League is Full **

Wednesday Open - 7:30pm (CYO) ** League is Full **
Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Thursday Day Ladies - 1:00pm (Single entry, 2/28 spots left)

Thursday Mens - 4:45pm (CYO) ** League is Full **
Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Thursday Club Ladies 6:55pm (Single entry) ** League is Full **

Thursday Club Men - 6:55pm & 8:35pm (Single entry, 1/48 spots left, $170)

Friday Mixed - 6:45pm & 9:00pm (CYO, 8/96 spots left)
Skip: ** 
Vice-Skip: ** 
Second: ** 
Lead: ** 

Saturday Doubles Open - 6:15pm (CYO, 75 min games, $98) ** League is Full **
Player One: ** 
Player Two: ** 

Special Membership Options

Adult Social Member (No curling): No discounts can be taken with this membership type. $40 plus taxes.

Adult Spare-Only member in adult leagues - no regular team. $250 plus taxes.

OCA Adult Competitor (practice only): No discounts can be taken with this membership type. $100 plus taxes.

OCA Youth Competitor (practice only): No discounts can be taken with this membership type. $50 plus taxes.

Registration Discount Options

New Member Bonus: new members receive 2 grippers and a name tag with signup to their first league

Young Adult Discount: for curlers under 30 as of Dec 31, 2018 with league registration ($125)

Lifetime Member: no cost curling (lifetime memberships are awarded by the club membership)

Profile / Other Information:

Coaching Level   

Registration Accuracy Confirmation: **

I hereby confirm that the information I have entered on this form is correct and true. I understand that if I have intentionally entered false information in this form to receive discounts that do not apply to me there will be a $25 (plus taxes) administration charge on top of the outstanding membership dues owed.

Payment is due when the registration is submitted. Payment must be received within 2 business days.

Payment options:

1. Online Payment
Pay the full amount using Elavon pay now button after completing your registration. All major credit cards are accepted.

2. Interac E-Transfer
Payments can be made by Interac E-Transfer to Jacquie Hoffer ( Please let Jacquie know the password.

3. Cash
Cash payments should be made at the club in person to Jacquie Hoffer - please see her office hours under Club Contact Info on the website. 

4. Cheque(no post dated cheques)
Cheques can be mailed or left in the Drop Box in the main floor lobby (by the computer). Registration is not considered complete until payment is cleared at the bank.

Cheques should be made payable to "Brampton Curling Club" and be dated on the day you submit your registration. 

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46 McMurchy Avenue South
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