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Tuesday Mens 6:30pm & 8:40pm (CYO)

Tuesday Men's is a Choose Your Own league where you can sign up with a full team, individually, or anything in between. As this is a "Choose Your Own" league, this means priority will be given to full 4-man teams and also that there is no guarantee that individuals will be placed. While every effort is made to help fill out teams, the onus is on teams to enter full 4-man rosters. 

Early registration will help ensure your spot. Registrations will be cut off if necessary to ensure an even number of teams. 


We play on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm and 8:40pm, alternating start times each week. Our first night of curling will be October 22. 2019

The convenors this year are Bruce Tune and David Sikkema.


League Rules – 2019/2020 Regular Season Play

1)      The FIVE-rock free guard zone rule will be used for all regular season and playoff games.

2)      Games should be played as scheduled. If both teams agree, they may reschedule the game at a mutually convenient time before the last game of the current round. Please let the league convener know.

3)      To start a game there must be a minimum of three players on a rink, two of which must be regular members of that team.

4)      Should a game be late starting because one team is not ready, or does not have at least three players, the late team will give up one point and one end for each full ten minute period of lateness after the scheduled time of beginning, and must also play first rock. After thirty minutes the offending team must forfeit the game.

5)      Each game is scheduled for two hours. No new ends can be started 1 hour and 50 minutes after the scheduled start of a game, regardless of the actual start time.

6)      Games tied after 8 ends or after when no new ends can be started due to time restrictions will be recorded as a tie.

7)      It is the responsibility of curlers who will not be able to play to arrange for a substitute and to notify their skip of the substitution arrangements.

8)      Regular team members and substitutes may play any position.

9)      The vices are responsible for ensuring the results of the game are properly recorded. Traditionally, the winning vice will record the score with the losing vice double-checking the entry.

10)  All applicable Brampton Curling Club Rules and OCA rules of General Play also apply.

11)  The league is split into four divisions (A, B, C and D).  After each round, the top two teams will move up and the bottom two teams will move down. Ties will be broken by games played between the tied teams, and then at the convener’s discretion after that. The convener may deviate from this rule in exceptional cases in the interests of fairness and good sport.

12)  Points are cumulative throughout the season and will be awarded as follows:


A Division

B Division

C Division

D Division


         32          24         16  8 


         16          12          8  4


          8           6          4  2


          0           0          0   0  


Curling Etiquette:

(The unwritten rules)

  Curling has not only its formal rules of play, but also its rules of etiquette. The following rules are set primarily for the new curler. It is recognized that experienced curlers, for many years, have been putting into practice the courtesies and good sportsmanship of the game.


1)      The first rule is GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. Curlers play the game to win, but not to humble their opponents.

2)      Arrive at the club 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start of your game, and be ready, on the ice at the start time for your game. Greet each member of the opposing team with a hearty handshake, tell them your name and wish them good curling.

3)      Clean your shoes and broom before going on the ice.

4)      Always be ready to play when it is your turn; this is very important to ensure you will have time to play all 8 ends each game. You should start preparing for your shot after the opposition throws their stone and it has crossed the nearest hogline, while it is still travelling down the ice. This way, when the skip is ready to call your shot you should already be in the hack and ready.

5)      When your opponent is delivering a stone, stand well to the side so as not to interfere with his/her delivery. Do not distract by talking, moving around or crossing the ice. This applies equally in the house, in the hack or on the sidelines. Excessive noise can be an annoyance and a distraction to other teams playing.

6)      Only the skip and vice (third) are allowed to congregate behind the T-line. Also, the skip and vice must remain still and lift their brooms when the opposition is ready to deliver his/her rock.

7)      When sweeping a stone, do not shake your broom/brush over it as particles may fall from your broom/brush.

8)      When finished sweeping, sweepers should return to the hog line at the throwing end and stay well to the side.

9)      The opposition shall not be allowed to sweep the opponent’s stone until it has reached the T-line and behind the T-line.

10)  The scoring of the ends and any measurement to be made is the responsibility of the vices. Leads, seconds and skips must keep out of the house until the end has been decided. When the vice indicates that the scoring has been completed, the leads and seconds may help clear the stones to the end of the sheet.

11)  Every curling game ends with a hearty handshake and good will to opponents. It is the custom of our club for the winning players to treat the opponents to refreshment after the game.

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